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Confused, Overwhelmed and Frustrated?

Our health consultant team will empower you and your family to navigate the complexities of the healthcare system through 

Education, Advocacy and Research.

Medical consulting is available via telephone, Skype, in the Emergency Room, hospital, care facility, at your doctors office or in your own home. 

Locally and Worldwide

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Emergency Services Available 24/7


Making Informed Choices

Our specialized healthcare team can support you and your family through the 'touch times'. Whether it be an accident, acute illness, or a complex healthcare concern, we are here for you. 

You don't have to do it alone!

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Care Coordination Worldwide

Do you need a specialist or a second opinion? 

Do you have questions or concerns about the care you or your family member is receiving?

Are all the tests and medications really necessary? Is surgery needed now, or can it wait?

Should they/I be moved to another facility, if so, where, when and how?

What is the gravity of the current situation? 

We can get you the answers. 

Whether you or a loved one is in a hospital locally or abroad, You need to make an Informed Healthcare Choice.



Advocacy and Research

Our research team of healthcare professionals are skilled at guiding you through the complexities of today's healthcare system.

Including, but no limited to: screening, diagnosis, treatment and follow-up of medical conditions. 

Have you been recently diagnosed with a life altering medical condition? 

Are you looking for alternative treatment options? 

A second medical option? 

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“...I was so overwhelmed - I called Cindy, she spoke with the consulting neurologist, drafted a plan of care, and provided us with a list of facilities that could perform the MRI.

 We opted to go to California, where the test was done within 2 weeks. Cindy and her team is so knowledgeable, professional and timely I would highly recommend them.” 

~ Christine

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“...Now, I was furious, I called Cindy at Informed Choice Healthcare, looking back, I'm surprised she could even understand me, trough my sobs and rage. Cindy listened, reassured me and formulated a plan.

Cindy accompanied me to my appointment, explained everything to me, and to my relief, the mass was a noncancerous cyst.”

~ Katrina (age 49)

Finding the right Healthcare solutions for you and your family shouldn't be difficult...