Hospitalized Abroad?

These may be some of your unanswered questions, worries or concerns:

We can not get in touch with our loved one.

I can not get a hold of my family, back home. What do I do?

We don't speak the language. 

We can not get any answers from anyone, why?

Why is my insurance company is not getting back to me?

We have no Healthcare/Travel Insurance.

We need to get our family member home.

We don't know what to do!

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I'm not sure what my doctor means.

I don't understand my treatment plan.

I'm so confused about all the medications that have been prescribed.

Are you ever wondering if there are other treatment options?

We can help!

"Fear of the unknown... Is the Greatest Fear of all"

Have you or a loved one been admitted to a hospital in a foreign country?

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