Care Coordination and Advocacy

Managing your own or a loved one's health can be confusing, overwhelming and frustrating.


Healthcare consultations via telephone, Skype, in the emergency room, hospital, care facility, at your doctors office or in your own home. 

Medical advocacy worldwide, and emergency  evacuation coordination.

We prepare you fully for your upcoming doctor appointments.

Alternatively, we can attend your doctor appointments and assist you in gaining the knowledge and understanding you require.

We provide written summaries, and provide translation support for your care conferences and doctor appointments in ways that you can understand.

We advocate on your behalf to ensure that you feel heard and that you have your questions answered.

We provide written medication education, consultation and review.

Assistance can be provided to you in the completion of medical and insurance forms.

Our assistance will reduce wait times for tests and referrals; and are able to provide a wider range options to you.

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Ask yourself? 

Can you remember everything the doctor, nurse or healthcare provider told you?

Did you hear everything they said?

Did you understand all the medical terms?

Have you every -  forgot to ask or did not know what to ask?

Do you have questions, and you do not know who to ask?

Have you ever felt like you do not have all the information, you need to make an Informed Healthcare Choice?

Informed Choice Healthcare Navigation

is here to help.

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How we can further help


 Our professional team provides healthcare education via phone, Skype and in-person. We prepare detailed summaries of physicians  instruction and

 care plans, in a easy to understand, user friendly form.

We support your educational needs to 

best suit your learning.

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 Our professional healthcare research team provides you with the most updated and available healthcare information, allowing you to make an Informed Choice.  Thinking about going abroad for healthcare consultation and care, 

we can assist you. 

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