My 15 year old daughter was diagnosed with epilepsy, and was prescribed heavy anti-seizure drugs. I was told she would never be able to drive, swim, and needed to be directly supervised for the next few years. We were also told that, at this time they did not know the cause of the seizures, they suspected a brain tumor, and that a specialized Functional MRI was required, to determine if the tumor was operable. But, there were no appointments available for approximately 12-18 months. 

I was so overwhelmed - I called Cindy, she spoke with the consulting neurologist, drafted a plan of care, and provided us with a list of facilities that could perform the MRI. We opted to go to California, where the test was done within 2 weeks. Cindy and her team are so knowledgeable, professional and timely.

 I would highly recommend them. 


In 2015, I found a lump in my breast, my mother had died of breast cancer, so I was paralyzed with terror. My doctor determined that an ultrasound was needed, and I left her office, with my requisition in hand.  I called to schedule an appointment, the first appointment was in 12 weeks, I re-explained my situation, through streaming tears, all I could hear was "I'm sorry, that's all we have, I can put you on a cancellation list".

Now, I was furious, I called Cindy at Informed Choice Healthcare, looking back, I'm surprised she could even understand me, trough my sobs and rage. Cindy listened, reassured me and formulated a plan. In 4 hours she called me back, she had arranged an appointment for my ultrasound in 3 days, at a clinic that specializes in Breast Ultrasounds. 

Cindy accompanied me to my appointment, explained everything to me, and to my relief, the mass was a noncancerous cyst

Brad & Mitch

My mate was involved in a serious scooter accident in a very small village in Northern Thailand, he was in the ICU, his right leg had been amputated, he had a serious head injury and was on a breathing machine.

 I spoke to Cindy via Skype from Thailand, she provided me with a list of questions to ask the attending doctor, obtained permission to transfer my friend to Bangkok, and arranged the ambulance, with the appropriate care team.

 We will be ever indebted to Cindy at Informed Choice Healthcare.

Kirby Family

Mom was almost 90 years old, and doing well, she had a bad fall, and was admitted for surgery, after returning home, the list of new medications was endless. Mom was confused, sleepy and definitely not herself. 

Cindy carefully reviewed each and every medication mom was on, attending 2 specialist appointments, and in collaboration with mom's doctor and her pharmacist, advocated to have mom's medications changed. Only 4 tablets, down from 12, and mom is happy, alert and eating normally. She's back to her old self.

We can't thank you enough.

Cindy gave me control back over my healthcare...

Brad (age 25)

In 2015, I was involved in a serious accident in Northern BC. I was taken to the Emergency Room, assessed and released. The initial concerns was my left arm, it had been crushed between to truck doors. I was x-rayed, I was given pain medication and told to go home and rest, as my arm was not broken. Several hours later the pain in my arm became  unbearable, my girlfriend took me back to the Emergency Room, I was seen by the doctor, a specialist was called and I was told I needed emergency surgery or I would lose my arm - I had Compartment Syndrome. I couldn't believe what I was hearing. The nurses were running around, getting me ready, starting IV's and giving me more pain medicine, which just made me more confused, dizzy and nauseated. I was taken to the operating room for an Emergency fasciotomy. An incision from my wrist to elbow to release the pressure in my arm and return blood flow. When I woke up my arm was open, and there was this vacuum like pump machine, sucking the blood and fluid out of my arm, I was on so much morphine for pain, I didn't know what was going on, all I knew was that my fingers were numb, and something just wasn't right. No one was explaining anything to me, and no one would listen to me, I felt so helpless and confused, and didn't know what to do. 

A family friend said to call Cindy, at Informed Choice Healthcare.

Cindy was so helpful, I felt better in just a few minutes, she was calm, and reassuring. She asked if she could call and speak to my doctor, which I agreed to immediately, thinking he won't talk to me, so "good luck". About an hour later Cindy called back. She explained to me what the doctor had done, why, and what the future plans were, including a skin graft to close the huge incision on my arm. I didn't like the options he had proposed., just wait and see what happens. Cindy suggested that I could travel to Vancouver, my home town, and see a specialist.

 I Agreed Immediately!

Cindy made all the arrangement, including the flights, she arrived the next morning, by afternoon I was in Vancouver General Hospital, and I saw 3 specialists within two hours. The specialists in Vancouver were able to close my arm, 4 days later with no skin graft, and the numbness was addressed by the neurosurgeon. 

I have about 95% function in my arm today, and I am so thankful that I called Informed Choice -Healthcare. Cindy gave me control back over my healthcare, provided excellent guidance, support and education. I am forever grateful.

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